Titan Gel: FORUM: Does it Work? 3 cm / month?

Titan Gel is a “last-minute” thing when it comes to penis enlargement. From what I saw, it’s a product that appeared a few days ago on the market and it’s really rotten. Well, the producers promise that Titan Gel is an effective product but I personally put on some question marks.

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This article is intended to bring together in one place more information about Titan Gel and the opinions of customers who have used it. Comments section is open to anyone but I won’t approve any advertising comments.

I would like the comments will be more to the point, both questions and comments about Titan Gel, so those who are looking for information can easily find it, but most importantly, they are useful. Now that I have said the administrative things, let’s look at some of the information we have so far about Titan Gel.

What you can find in this article

Titan Gel is a product that, as its name suggests, is in gel form. It comes in bottles of 50 ml. The 50 ml should be sufficient for approximately 1 month of application.

I’ve seen official Titan Gel distributors have pages to promote the product and on one page they say actor XXX, Johnny Sins, has written a few words about Titan Gel. Well, on the website, there’s a text that gives the impression that he had signed for the porn actor.

I personally hope all this is real, not an invention of theirs because I saw that the number of companies inventing these things is growing.  They use celebrity names to sell their products.

According to the information on the official website of Titan Gel, its effects would occur in approximately 4 weeks. They have, on the website, a graph that says that starting with week 4 the penis will be up to 5 cm larger.

I don’t know how to say them so as not to ruin their dreams, but these kids are talking nonsense. With 5 cm it does not increase it (to the penis) or surgery. It’s three inches of flesh, muscles, veins and nerves. How the hell can you increase it in four weeks?

I’m not saying Titan Gel wouldn’t work. I don’t want to discredit any product until I’m going to prove it to be sure of what I’m talking about, but until then, I only use logic. It is quite possible that this Titan Gel offers some results, but in no case so fast and so high as they write on the official website. Think carefully about this aspect.

I can’t talk to anyone else who confirms it, so I’m going to copy and paste it through your website. The effects of Titan Gel would be as follows:

I remember the fact that 5 cm (larger) in 4 weeks is really not possible, but as with other similar creams, the results are 0.5 cm per month and thicker (it would be possible).

I look forward to your views about Titan Gel if you have had the opportunity to use this gel. What I ask you to do is to be honest (because they leave anonymous messages and you won’t be recognized by anyone). Do not copy comments and views through the official Titan Gel website. I don’t know if Titan Gel and Titan Cream are the same products.

Personally, on the official website of Titan Gel I have seen only positive comments. I don’t think that such a thing is possible so there are two possibilities: either the comments are false or only the positive ones have accepted it. As such, I don’t care and I don’t consider them relevant.

Revolutionary medical breakthrough for penis enlargement and enhancement of sexual potency. Apply the gel over the erect penis. The gel is water-based, so it is easily absorbed by the tissues of the penis. Active particles penetrate the skin and increase the size of the penis naturally, stimulating blood circulation and causing tissue growth. In addition, the gel contains 4 essential components that enhance libido.

I didn’t give a damn about all the small talk about penis size. Nature had blessed me with a decent size and my technique was also good. I decided to try it because it was something new and different for me. I would hold on for 4 hours without running and fuck my girlfriend all night long until I fell down. I hope she’s recovered by next time!

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